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Judy’s deep respect for the individuals she works with was evident in her attentiveness to what would help Yvonne’s self esteem at a difficult stage of life. She found small but meaningful ways to make sure Yvonne’s self image was attended to.

Judy brings a wonderful mixture of pragmatic problem solving and emotional generosity to her work. In addition to her personal attention to Yvonne, she was able to serve as a helpful resource for me regarding additional services, equipment and experiences. I recommend her without reservation… 
           — Claudia Bach, client


My first impression [of Judy] was [that] she is respectful, she is as delighted by my friend as I am, and not nearly so daunted by the dementia that was fast progressing, or the “system” pressures that were surfacing. There are three things that struck me about Judy: First, she was able to see a positive outcome or solution to any problematic situation, no matter how sticky.  Second, her professionalism and knowledge of community resources carried her through.  We never ran out of alternatives.  Finally, and most important, Judy loved and respected my friend as much as I did.
           — Mary Bush, client


In caring for Scott, Judy entered a situation that was very complex and multi-faceted.  She dealt with every part with great sensitivity and professionalism.

Looking back over Scott’s illness and decline, I am so grateful to have had Judy’s help.  I want to encourage anyone in a similar sad situation with a loved one to seriously consider what such a jewel of a woman can do to lighten the burden and ease the way through this difficult, difficult process.  Judy was a joy to work with, a dear friend and companion to my brother, a skilled care-giver, advocate, and problem solver-par excellence, and a solace and comfort to all of us…
           — Sherry Sullivan, client


Throughout, besides her competence and expertise, Judy was always kind, compassionate and caring to Vivian and to me.  She was patient with my frustrations and anxieties and my continual need for moral support and reassurance.

That Vivian spent her last months in settings of pleasant surroundings and excellent care and that the demands on me were no longer dangerously stressful, we owe more than there is any way to express to Judy Kimmerer’s skills, knowledge and deep caring.
           — Michael McMullin, client

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