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Services and Fees triangle

My goal is to help individuals manage quality of life issues when aging and illness undermine their independence and wellbeing.  I also partner with families, to help them care for their aging or disabled family members.  Various levels of service are available allowing flexibility yet continuity with one professional.  

Care Management includes evaluating care needs, researching solutions, developing care plans, enlisting other service providers and overseeing progress.

Companionship includes personal assistance, enrichment, and friendship.  Time is spent together pursuing meaningful and positive activities as well as practical tasks such as appointments and errands. Clients may be living at home, in facilities, or needing to relocate.

> Evaluate problems
> Determine the scope of need
> Companionship vs. care management
> Defining the support team
> Explanation of fees and billing
Care Management $65/hr
> Research solutions
> Propose options and create plans
> Promote and oversee progress
> Coordinate with physicians
> Coordinate with families
> Evaluate living situations
> Manage in-home care
> Explore alternative living options
> Coordinate relocating
> Assist at end of life
> Crisis Response
Companionship $25 - 35/hr
> Friendship and enrichment
> Assistance and support
> Thoughtful listening
> Promote healthy self esteem
> Improvements to the home
> Transportation to appointments
> Errands and shopping
> Community outings
> Adventures and creativity
> Rekindle hobbies



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