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The Value of Help
Caring for an aging or disabled person is never solved completely. It is a process which continues to change as the individual continues to age. There are numerous options available to residents of the Seattle area for assistance with care issues. Finding someone to help untangle the maze of alternatives is critical to finding the right solutions.

Not everyone has family available to help. Some families are not always able to provide enough help. Many families are busy with their lives and may not like the tasks associated with caring for others. Adding someone with experience and knowledge to your care team provides many benefits. A person's needs can be met faster, more comprehensively, with greater ease, confidence and satisfaction.

Approach to Helping
Through Adult Care Resources LLC  I offer my own thoughtful and personalized one-on-one involvement working to evaluate and solve problems. I am able to be flexible and present a continuum of care resources all in one person. I have many years of experience assisting others and have created a network of trusted relationships with professionals and clients.

Honoring the Individual
Adult Care Resources LLC reflects my promise to honor the worth and dignity of each client. I recognize the struggle others face as they adjust to the limitations of aging, illness and disabilities. My goal is to help ease the difficulties and eliminate some of the frustrations by building a framework of support. With thoughtful and creative solutions I can encourage others to live with more comfort, security, purpose, dignity and joy.


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