Services and Fees


When you hire Adult Care Resources for services, it is me that you will be working with. My choice to have no employees represents my one-on-one, holistic approach.   However, I am not isolated in my work.  I have partnered with a very select group of care givers, who like myself, are one person businesses.  We have called ourselves "People  Who Care". We meet monthly to share wisdom and further our skills.  We refer clients to each other, consult with each other, hire each other and fill in for each other when emergency situations arise. 


Do I provide personal caregiving?

  • Please note my expertise is more companionship oriented as well as managing care. 

What about Hospice care?

  •  My alliegence to clients lasts until their final breath. It is an honor to serve someone for weeks or  years and to help them die with love and grace. 

Is there a free consultation?

  • I generally provide one hour over the phone or in person to establish if my services are  the right fit for your needs. 

The value of a contract !

  • Step one after agreeing to help I will draw up a contract that clearly outlines what you and I agree my role will be. This is a good tool to ensure I am doing what you expect me to. 

Are my fees covered by health insurance?

  • The unfortunate answer is no. Until Medicare or health insurance begin to cover home care these costs are 100% private pay. 

Are my fees covered by Long Term Care Insurance?

  •  This requires closer investigation with your policy holder. If not I will partner with a qualifying agency to maximize your benefits but still allowing my services.